16th District Congressional Candidates Weigh In on National Issues

16th District Congressional Candidates Weigh In on National Issues

Kinzinger and Hale talk immigration and national budget.

PEORIA – We’re continuing to take an in-depth look at the congressional races up for grabs in next week’s primary.

The 16th district, which makes up all of Livingston County, and portions Stark and Putnam, features incumbent Republican Adam Kinzinger and his primary opponent David Hale.

Two major issues dividing Republicans are how much to cut the budget, and what should be done about illegal immigrants.

“Put that border security fence up and let’s watch it work,” says candidate David Hale. “Let’s watch it work for a year. After we’ve got that working and we now that the border security fence is working, let’s start dealing with the immigration issue.”

“Amnesty is saying, ‘okay everyone is legal today and we’re done,’” says incumbent candidate Adam Kinzinger. “Fixing a broken immigration system should be a huge priority of our party.”

The two sides show their differences when it comes to the controversial budget plan from Stateline Congressman Paul Ryan.

Kinzinger says, “I think the Ryan-Murray budget was a compromise that I can find plenty of things in there I don’t like; I can find some things I do. Ultimately, it allows us to move ahead and govern. I thought shutting down the government was a real bad thing. It was terrible for our party and our country. Now if we can avoid that again, that’s a great deal.”

“It was a fast fix, because they didn’t want to argue,” adds Hale. “They didn’t want to sit down with a budget and find the places where we could fix things.”

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