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18th Congressional Candidates Explain Most Pressing Issues

Rob Mellon and Darrel Miller share what they believe are the country's most pressing issues.

PEORIA – WMBD 31 News is your local election headquarters. Two democrats are going head to head for the 18th Congressional District Primary are explaining what they believe are the most pressing issues facing our country.


The country’s budget deficit continues to grow, reaching $680 billion last year.


Congressional candidates Rob Mellon and Darrel Miller said spending cuts need to happen. They said there are other issues they need to tackle first.


Miller said, “The biggest thing really is a response to a dysfunctional Congress. There is a University of Chicago economist and Stanford economist that have really tried to put an economic drug number on the dysfunction of Congress."


Mellon said, "Just jobs. I mean that's the main thing we need to put people back to work and our recent recovery they call it a recovery, in the past three, four years the average person hasn't felt that. Most of the gains have gone to the top one percent."


Whoever wins the primary will face incumbent Republican Aaron Schock in November.

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