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ACLU Will File A Lawsuit Against Peoria Because of House Raid

Raid of @PeoriaMayor's house leading to lawsuit.
PEORIA - ACLU officials tell us they will file a lawsuit on behalf of John Daniel, the creator of the twitter handle.
They plan to begin that process within the next couple of weeks.
Police raided a house on North University-where Daniel lives- because of the account, 
They claimed it falsely personified a public official. 
Police confiscated computer equipment and took five people in for questioning.
Peoria County State's Attorney Jerry Brady later announced no charges would be filed. 
In April the ACLU demanded that the city return items that were taken from Daniel and his roommate during the raid.
ACLU officials say Daniel's first and fourth amendment rights were violated.
They say they'll file a complaint within the next couple of weeks

“The real goal here is to send a very strong, absolutely unquestioned sign that in point of fact, this kind of abuse of police authority is wrong,” said Ed Yohnka, Director of Communications and Public Policy at the ACLU of Illinois.

We reached out to the city and Manager Patrick Urlich tells us “they city has not yet been served, and there is no indication that the complaint has been filed in any court.”
The city will review the complaint when it is properly served and will respond accordingly.
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