Akron-Princeville Ambulance Service Depending on Votes

Akron-Princeville Ambulance Service Depending on Votes

The local ambulance service is operating without taxpayer dollars, but needs some support.
PRINCEVILLE – The Akron-Princeville Ambulance service is depending on voters to keep it in operation.


Voters in that ambulance district will see a tax levy on the ballot. The ambulance service is still a private corporation, so it is operating without any taxpayer support at this time.


If the tax passes, residents would be paying 30 cents for every $100 of assessed value.


President and CEO of Akron-Princeville Ambulance, Butch Gardner said, “Not enough funding, not enough money coming in. The donations are great; the people do great on their donations in this area. We have fundraisers, try to have a couple every year, and it's still just not enough money to keep us operating every year.”


Gardner said the service is struggling to make ends meet. If the tax doesn’t pass, the local provider will eventually run out of money.


If that happens, residents would have to rely on AMT out of Peoria.


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