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Aldi Building Under New Ownership

A new company has latched on to the vacant Aldis building.

Peoria - A new company is breathing life into the former Aldi building on Peoria's south side.

Mid-American real estate purchased the property.

According to Councilwoman Denise Moore the goal is to find a  new grocery store to occupy the area. Moore says it would ideally be a low cost retailer. 

 “I don't want to give the community unrealistic expectations, so we need to give the leasing company the opportunity to try and find someone and have those whoever they find, Whover the city finds to go in there and try to look at it and that might take a little while."

It only took Mid-American Real Estate a couple weeks to purchase the property following the closure of Aldis. The process of finding a retailer may take more than a year. 

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