Antiquers go "Vintage" in Mackinaw

Antiquers go "Vintage" in Mackinaw

MACKINAW - Over 20 vendors took part in Vintage, Vines, and Wines, which took place at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard.
MACKINAW - Antiquers had a chance to go vintage in Mackinaw Sunday.

Mackinaw Valley Vineyard and Prairie Traveling Vintage Show put on "Vintage, Vines, and Wines."

Vendors were selling all forms of antiques, from decorations to memorabilia.

The winery also hosted live bands and a large wine tasting.

Organizers say vintage is considered in style right now, which is making antique shows increasingly popular.

Linda Renehan of the Prairie Traveling Vintage Show said, "I think it is your childhood. Your Grandma had it. You loved your Grandma, so you want a piece of your Grandma. And plus, if it is in style, you know, vintage is hot."

Over 20 vendors took part in Vintage, Vines, and Wines.
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