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Area Churches See Huge Crowds on Easter

One of the biggest days for worship

PEORIA - Thousands of people poured into churches across Central Illinois today, celebrating one of Christianity’s most sacred days. Row after row, church-goers are praying. It's a holy day for the Christian faith.

"God let us see another day and that's a blessed thing" exclaims Tina McLemore of Peoria.

Christians say it's about joy and renewal. This Sunday morning at Saint Mary’s Cathedral of Peoria felt a little more special.

"It’s the ultimate sacrifice and for me today, coming to celebrate here at the cathedral with Bishop Jenky is the closest I fell to god" says Richard Smith of East Peoria.

Daniel Jenky, the Bishop of the Peoria Diocese, is sharing an Easter message with more than 400 people. He hopes his message serves as an inspiration for Catholics all around the diocese.

"It’s just one of the happiest, happiest moments in our liturgical year and it's a great privilege for me to preside over it."

He says there's an energy that comes with the Easter holiday.

"Easter reminds us that god's love is all powerful. The lord lived for us, died for us, was buried in the tomb for 3 days... but there was nothing that could prevent the son of god from rising from the dead."

Celebrating faith and looking forward to a bright future spent with family and friends.

"I think our faith in god... Even though there are things that we do not share together, we share faith in god and this is an important season for Christians, for Jews, and for all people of good will."

Bishop Jenky says he is glad to see so many people are still falling back on their faith.

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