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Boat Traffic Holiday Weekend Was Higher than Expected

Many boaters hit the river for Fourth of July fireworks.
EAST PEORIA – Those patrolling the Illinois River are at ease today after a busy weekend.
Police say there were between 500 and 600 boats out on the water for the Fourth of July.
Four agencies were out in full force on the river for Friday’s fireworks. Agencies included the Fon du Lac Park District Police and the Coast Guard, and they were kept busy for most of the night.
“We had three people overboard. We had several boats that had mechanical issues. We had one that lost an out drive because it hit a tree,” Fon du Lac Park District Police Chief Mike Johnson said. “Mostly, that was the type of things that we were doing.”
Police say they were surprised by the number of boats out because the river is above flood stage. That creates a current that can be dangerous for boaters and swimmers.

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