Boot Camp: Richwoods Defense Led By 'Heart and Soul'

Boot Camp: Richwoods Defense Led By 'Heart and Soul'

Richwoods senior pair is center of Knights defense

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. - Roland Brown says he has a big junior class at Richwoods but it's not hard to identify the key [l;ayers he has in his senior class.

He calls defensive lineman John Jackson and linebacker Kioenter O'Neal the "heart and soul" of his defense. 

"I believe we are the heart and soul," said Jackson. "We have a bigger role than everyone else. But it still doesn't matter. We're still a team. We treat everyone as an equal."

O'Neal returns as the Knights leading tackler and he likes how his defense is shaping up.

"I think our up front line is pretty good and our back two linebackers are pretty good. Our safeties and cornerbacks won't let the ball get in the air," said O'Neal.

Richwoods opens the season at home Friday against Notre dame, the team that dethroned the Knights as Mid-State 6 Conference champs last fall.

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