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Bradley Students Volunteer in Hard Hit Washington

Help make life a little easier for Washington residents.

The Washington community is still digging out from the huge piles debris and snow.

Bradley sophomore Carlo Varquez says, "It is months later and people still really need this. I guess it hit harder than I thought. It was eye opening to me."

After the tornado hit Washington, the donations poured in from nearly every state.

Now what the city needs, is someone to make sense of the mountains of stuff.

"It feels really nice. That's why I like to volunteer too. Just to make a difference and help people out" says Ellen Rhodes, a Bradley freshman.

20 volunteers separated clothing for a few hours on Saturday… helping lessen the load on the sometimes strained non-profits.

Across town, 15 more Bradley students were helping in a different way.

"I found a baseball mitt. I thought that was something that should be kept for the homeowner. There's a softball lying on the ground. I'm hoping to get that up so there is a set" says junior Kelly O'Brien.

Searching through rubble, looking for lost or forgotten treasures… Making sure all of these items get to the people who need them most.

"It’s a lot of destruction here. I think you can also see the hope.”

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