Bread For Life Co-Op Officially Open

Bread For Life Co-Op Officially Open

Home Sweet Home's food co-op is open for business.
BLOOMINGTON- After months in the making, the Bread for Life Co-Op has officially opened its doors.

Monday morning Home Sweet Home Ministries held its grand opening for the program.

Staffers were on hand to provide tours.

Around 100 households have signed up for the program.

Organizers say the co-op will help people earn a sense of dignity and value by allowing them to contribute towards the food they receive.

Unlike the prepackaged boxes of the food pantry, the co-op model offers participants a variety of food to choose from.

"We have every type of food variety. We have meats. We have dairy products. We have fresh produce. We have canned goods, packaged goods, and bread. A lot of different things so they should be able to obtain whatever they like," said Mary Ann Pullin, Home Sweet Home Ministries CEO.

Members, who volunteer up to two hours at the Ministry, are allowed to come into the co-op at least twice a month.

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