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Brrrrrrrr, Softball Players Dealing with Cold

ISU, Bradley players playing in chilly temps this spring

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - NORMAL, Ill. - You can't always tell the playing conditions by looking is ISU centerfielder Nichelle Harrison.

"I'm a long sleeve kinda girl," Harrison admitted. "My team makes fun of me. When it's 70 degrees, I'm still in long sleeves."

Truthfully, playing in short sleeves has been rare for players around here this spring. And what makes matters worse is most college softball teams typicalley open the season on warm weather trips to the south and west.

Then they come to temperatures in the 40's.

"Definitely a change from here than Arizona, where it's hot. Here it's much more windy," said Bradley senior pitcher Madeline Lynch-Crumrine. "Definitely an adjustment and softball is a game of adjustments."

It snowed in central Illinois Monday. That's April 14.

"We started our season with three games in Florida, one in Arizona and then Kentucky," said ISU sophomore pitcher Regan Romshek. "That was fun, now we have to come back and play with whatever the weather gives us."

For the most part, the weather isn't giving central Illinois teams much of a chance to play this spring. The ground was still frozen through most of March.

In years past, rain has been the big issue but this year cold temperatures are having their say.

"We try and stay moving between innings, before games we so longer stretches," said Bradley sophomore Kendall Duffy. "We prefer the warm weather. It gets our arms ready more quickly. We like the sun."

Bradley is set to host ISU Wednesday. Weather permitting.

"It's not really going to help to complain," said Harrison. They're still going to throw the ball at you."  

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