"Care Trak" Program Comes to Tazewell County

"Care Trak" Program Comes to Tazewell County

Will help keep track of loved ones in need.

PEKIN - When a mental illness causes a loved one to become lost, it can be a scary situation. That’s why the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department has a new way to bring back those who are missing.

 It unveiled its new five thousand dollar “Care Trak” system. The system provides bracelets for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and similar mental illnesses.

It marks the senior’s location if they become lost.

Authorities say the system is already used by Peoria crime fighters and is 100 percent effective.

 "Equipping a patient with a bracelet which sends a signal if they become lost. They contact the Sheriff's Office. We will go out with our tracking equipment,” said Tazewell County Sheriff Robert Houston

The bracelets cost about $300 apiece and are funded by donations.

You can donate by contacting the Tazewell County Sheriff’s office.
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