Central Illinois Residents Recycle Electronics for Free

Central Illinois Residents Recycle Electronics for Free

Local group offers rare opportunity.
PEORIA - Peoria residents had the chance to get rid of old electronics in an eco-friendly way.

Today Peoria County Recycling collected old, recyclable electronics.

It's part of their free recycling extravaganza event.

Some of the accepted items were TVs, computers and cell phones.

They also took things like batteries and keyboards.

Organizers say people often throw away or improperly recycle electronics.

 “Electronics can't be put info landfills anymore. So now people need a place to properly dispose of that. And we don't want it in ditches so try and get a good opportunity for people to come and bring it and get rid of it,” said Karen Raithel, Research and Resource Conservation Director of Peoria County Recycling.

Things like pain or hazardous materials were not accepted.
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