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City Council Approves Addition of New Zoning Enforcement Inspector

There will be a new Zoning Enforcement Inspector in Peoria, the first in about three years.

PEORIA - Council also approved the hire of a new Zoning Enforcement Inspector.

The position has been unfilled for the past three years.

Three urban planners have been handling the 300 yearly complaints from Peoria residents concerning zoning violations.

Such violations typically have to do with yard signs, parking issues and people running businesses out of their homes.

The new zoning inspector is expected to actively reach out to the public to prevent violations.

“This way it is much more efficient to have one person take care of the enforcement. So I can move my three urban planners assigned to development back to working on development full time,” said Director of Community Development Department at the City of Peoria, Ross Black.

The position is expected to take one month to fill.


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