CityLink Asking for Input on New Transfer Zone

CityLink Asking for Input on New Transfer Zone

PEORIA - CityLink plans to build a new transfer zoneon the North side of Peoria to help centralize northern routes.
PEORIA - With the rapid growth in northern Peoria, CityLink is wanting to build a north-side transfer zone.

It has narrowed the search down to six sites.

Tuesday night, CityLink held a public open house to get opinions on those sites.

It says that the potential zone will help centralize the northern routes around Northwoods Mall and make it easier for riders to transfer from bus-to-bus.

CityLink Spokesperson Anna Buehrer said, "I mean, it is certainly to accommodate where we see the growth happening. it is also passenger safety, to provide a safe location where passengers can transfer."

More information on the Transfer Zone Study is available at

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