Corvette Caravan Makes Pit Stop in Bloomington

Corvette Caravan Makes Pit Stop in Bloomington

Over 130 corvettes zoomed into the parking lot at Leman's Chevy City.
BLOOMINGTON- A group of corvettes zoomed into Bloomington Tuesday.

The Corvette Caravan is an event held once every five years.

Drivers from across the nation embark on a road trip to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

More than 130 corvettes made a pit stop for lunch at Leman's Chevy City.

The cars were on display for two hours before driving off to Effingham.

One member of the Corvette Club of Illinois says the caravan is truly a sight to see.

"People look and they stop and turn and they wonder what's going on. And, it's just, it's an experience. You really can't describe it until you participate in one," commented Art Rapp,Vice President of the Corvette Club of Illinois.

The caravan expects to arrive at the National Corvette Museum by Wednesday afternoon.

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