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Cyber Security Conference

44th annual World Affairs Council

EAST PEORIA - In the past twenty five years the internet has changed the way most people live and work.

Experts in digital information gathered to try to make you and your digital identity a little safer.

The Central Illinois World Affairs Council held its 44th annual conference in East Peoria.

This year’s conference is called cyber security: challenges and opportunities in the digital age.

Featured this year are former white house national security advisors and cyber policy advisers.

Topics discussed included metadata collection, privacy issues, and how to balance the use of the internet with personal and national security.

“It is actually the targets, the people getting the information from us and putting the pieces together. 2 and 2 equal 100. So a little bit of information put together with your comrades can get a long way” says CEO of CIAN Steve Hope.

Also discussed at the conference were ways to lessen your digital footprint and corporate espionage.

To learn more about the World Affair Council of Central Illinois click here.

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