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"Deadbeat" Law Forces Parents to Pay Up

State and local casinos are tightening up on parents who don't pay child support.
PEORIA - State and local casinos are tightening up on parents who don’t pay child support. A new law says “dead beat” parents who are behind on their child support payments will forfeit gambling winnings. If a parent owes child support and wins more than $1200 at a casino or racetrack, whatever the parent owes in child support, will be turned over to DCFS. The money will be given to the custodial parent of the child. State Senator Darin LaHood of Dunlap sponsored the bill and says it will be help put a dent in more than $3 billion in back child support across the state.

“Essentially dead beat parents that are gambling at a boat are really cracking into kids’ piggy banks. This is money that is owed to children, so this will allow as another tool in the state of Illinois to try to get the rightfully owed money to children.”

Winners will be checked through a database before eligible to receive any money. LaHood predicts it will recover nearly $1.2 billion in child support this year.
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