District 150 Begins Interviewing Candidates for Open Board Seat

District 150 Begins Interviewing Candidates for Open Board Seat

They will interview eight candidates in total and make their decision by August 11th.

PEORIA - Peoria District 150 board members have started interviewing candidates to fill their open district three seat

The position was held by Sue Wolstenholm for a very short time.

The seven members are holding three special sessions where each of the candidates will be interviewed.

Maria each candidate is given about 45 minutes or so to make their case as to why they belong on the District 150 Board.

Board members tell me are interviewing four candidates tonight, including former member Laura Petelle.  Before her they'll talk to Nancy Overcash, Melvin McCaw, and Jeff Lickiss.

Tomorrow they'll speak with Jon Bateman, Phil Romanus, Dan Adler and Lara Aaron.
To be fair they will ask the candidates a similar set of questions.

The board members I spoke with say they are looking for someone who is dedicated to the district and will fit in with the rest of the board.

We spoke with a member of Change 150, who advocate for a overhaul to the board, to see what kind of person he hopes fills the vacant seat.
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