District 150 School Board Member Responds to 'Change 150' Group

District 150 School Board Member Responds to 'Change 150' Group

Linda Butler says the school board still stands by Dr. Grenita Lathan.

PEORIA – The citizen action group called “Change 150” wants to see Peoria District 150’s Superintendent, Dr. Grenita Lathan, step down.


Now, a school board member is defending Dr. Lathan’s leadership.


District two board member Linda Butler is responding to the group’s concerns. The Change 150 group believes Dr. Lathan leads through intimidation and fear, and they want to change that culture.


Butler said the board backs Dr. Lathan 100 percent, and she believes the district is still on track to meet its goals, according to its strategic plan.


Butler said, “Change 150 began four years ago, when the board selected new leadership for District 150. And we've been about change ever since then, a positive change. Unfortunately, there are some who have pirated the change that's been going on and now giving it a negative spin or perspective.”


Butler said the board has been open to discussions with the Change 150 group. She said it’s a situation where they both will need to agree to disagree.

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