District 150 S.T.E.P. Program

District 150 S.T.E.P. Program

District 150 students prepare to enter the real world.

PEORIA – Peoria District 150 students are getting ready to ender the real world.

Students taking part in the Secondary Transitional Experience Program got the chance to learn soft skills such as etiquette, how to dress for an interview, and proper table manners.

Students got to practice in a formal dining experience Wednesday.

They say it was a great learning opportunity.

Richwoods Senior Leslie Cockfield says, “I really learned how to dine today and etiquette style, how to eat at a more high class restaurant.”

“Social skills that maybe they have never had a chance to use before because they are in a dining situation,” says District 150 Transition Specialist Leigh Bowen. “They are learning from our etiquette speaker how to behave in a formal dining situation.”

Different companies from the area also took part in the program to help prepare students to enter the working world.

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