Doctors Warn About Increase in Mumps Cases

Doctors Warn About Increase in Mumps Cases

A local doctor explains why the disease is resurfacing.
PEORIA – A spike in mumps cases across the Midwest is prompting a warning from local doctors.

Doctors said the Mumps increase is sparking interest into the vaccine’s effectiveness. Pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Sierra at OSF St. Francis Medical Group in Morton said once a vaccine was developed, there was a 96 percent decrease in the diseases.

Now, doctors said more and more kids are getting vaccinated. Dr. Sierra attributes that to the Mumps increase. She said, "I think we're seeing the sudden increase due to this sort of trend in not vaccinating. People who are exposed to mumps don't show signs for about two weeks, after they've been exposed."

Dr. Sierra said people don’t realize in that two week time frame they can spread the disease to others.

Inflamed salivary glands coupled with a fever, fatigue or joint-like achiness are all symptoms of the Mumps.

She said the best prevention for Mumps is the vaccination and to educate yourself.

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