Dodgeball for a Cause

Dodgeball for a Cause

Parkside Junior High took part in a dodgeball tournament for a good cause.

Friday night is traditionally a big sports night in high school.

There’s typically a football or basketball game, but tonight Parkside Junior High took part in a different sport, a dodge ball tournament for a good cause.

In December, on of their classmates found out that he h as cancer.

It happened right before he was scheduled to participate in a fundraiser for St. Jude’s.

Students and teachers say they want their classmate to know he’ll never be alone as he fights his battle with Leukemia.

"The outreach that the staff, and even parents and our whole school community is awesome. They've all come together, we've all come together for this cause and we're just one big family, trying to help out," said Stephanie Bishop, a Parkside P.E. Teacher.

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