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Easter Celebrations Begin

Church group performs reenactment of crucifixion.

 PEORIA - Easter is a time for many Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

St. Paul Baptist Church reenacted Jesus' crucifixion Friday as part of Good Friday.

The performance attracted many locals, some even stopped in the street to join in the reenactment.

Church members dressed up in "proper" costumes.

The church spent weeks preparing all of the props by hand.

There was even a live horse for Friday’s events.

Christians say the holiday is a central portion of their belief.

“The resurrection is very important because he said that He will rise on the third day,” Creative Arts Director Dramone Taylor said. “Again, this is just one of the most important times of our lives because Christ did it. He fulfilled His word and that's where our fulfillment came from.”

Easter celebrations conclude during the church's service on Sunday with more music, acting and dancing.

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