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Easter Seals Focuses On Autism With Learning Session

Easter Seals held a learning session with Congressman Aaron Schock on Tuesday.
PEORIA - As many as one in every 88 children are now being diagnosed with Autism.

On Tuesday, Easter Seals in Peoria held a learning session about the growing disability. Several stakeholders, including employees, parents and teachers, gathered to assess the needs of those children diagnosed with the disability.

The Easter Seals President and CEO Steve Thompson said a constant concern is the budget. “We struggle in funding in a variety of areas in early intervention and in children with developmental delays and disabilities but I think autism in particular. The medical diagnosis is important and expensive. The treatments are few, in terms of the evidence based.”

Easter Seals is focusing on Autism help with its intensive therapeutic program. Thompson said it is similar to a pre-school for Autistic children, aiming to prepare them for the classroom when they reach age five.
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