Eighth Grader Raises Money for Autism Awareness

Eighth Grader Raises Money for Autism Awareness

MORTON - Bryan Himmel hopes to raise 5,000 dollars at his "Making a Difference Project" for Autism Speaks.
MORTON - One young man is making a big push to help people with autism.

Eighth grader Bryan Himmel hosted an event to benefit Autism Speaks at Bethel Lutheran Church in Morton on Sunday.

Bryan's "Making a Difference Project" featured a concert and silent auction.

He put this on to help those with autism- because he has a personal connection.

One of his older cousin is diagnosed with the disorder.

"It really motivates me, because it makes me think about how lucky we are to get to experience life this way and how it must be different for them, because they don't get to experience life the way we do," he said. "It makes me want to really help them."

Bryan hopes to raise 5,000 dollars.

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