El Paso Library Completes $2.2 Mill Renovation

El Paso Library Completes $2.2 Mill Renovation

Updates existing structure and add to rich history
EL PASO - The El Paso Library is celebrating a large accomplishment.

Recent additions have made the building better than ever.

The 107 year old library began construction early last year.

May 3rd was the official opening of the building after renovations.

The new addition is three times larger than the original library.

Staff says the extra space will help with the library's true mission.

 “We were just overcrowded. We had books on books, stacks on stacks. The other big thing is that it was not accessible. There was no way for somebody with a disability to get in that building” said El Paso Library Board President Steve Schaefer.

The 2.2 million dollar expansion was paid for with a grant from the state and community support.
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