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Election Day Across Illinois

The polls opened across Illinois at 6:00 this morning. Local election judges tell WMBD 31 they expect voters to trickle in throughout the day.
PEORIA - WMBD 31 News is your Local Election Headquarters and today we're bringing you the latest results from many races around central Illinois. The polls opened here at 6:00 this morning. Election judges tell me they expect voters to trickle in throughout the day. Although it is a Primary, there are some pretty big issues for voters to decide on. Of course the Republican candidate for Governor, multiple counties are voting on Sheriff faces and new county board members.
The District 150 School Board vote has turned pretty controversial, one candidate has already said she's dropping out, but could still win the election. Then there are some pocketbook issues.  A one percent sales tax in McLean, Peoria, and Fulton counties plus other bonds and tax levy's in Livingston, Woodford and Marshall counties. You can cast your vote until seven o'clock tonight

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