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Extra Effort: EP's Finck hopes to leave legacy

Sarah Finck is one of the best softball players in the area, but spends her spare time coaching younger players.

EAST PEORIA - "Clutch" should be Sarah Finck's middle name. The senior always wants to be in the circle when it matters the most.

"I like being in control. Don't want to sound cocky, but I like having the ball," said Sarah Finck, East Peoria Senior. "I think my team feels comfortable behind me, and I like that feeling too."

Another feeling she likes is being a softball mentor in East Peoria.

"She's the face of our community," said Denee Menzione, East Peoria Head Coach. "Ask any 8,9,10 year old 'Who is your favorite EP softball player?' It's always Sarah Finck."

"I love coaching younger kids," said Finck. They are like sponges and they absorb everything."

"When she's not on the diamond, Sarah's spare time in spent with younger players."

 "Always out here giving lessons," said Menzione. "Hitting and pitching lessons.  Any way she can give back to the sport she loves.  She's a coach herself."

She's accepted a softball scholarship to Illinois State, and genuinely hopes she can push her students to do the same.

"Little girls right on my track, other people's track that have gotten scholarships too," said Finck. "Excited to see where they will end up."   

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