Extreme Race Benefit's the Children's Hospital of Illinois

Extreme Race Benefit's the Children's Hospital of Illinois

Challenges even the strongest runners
BRIMFIELD - Saturday was the second annual Children's Hospital of Illinois "Fight to the Finish 5K."

Three hundred were brave enough to sign up.

Obstacles like mud pits, tires, climbing walls, and even electrified pools were placed along the course.

The race is designed to test your strength and mental capabilities.

The runners were not only fighting the mud and elements but also for kids who need their help.

All of race proceeds go directly to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Children's Hospital of Illinois.

Tara Rossman… a Co-organizer of the event explains, “We want to raise money and awareness to all those families that have benefited directly. A chance to have fun with the entire family.”

There was also a children’s race featuring scaled down versions of the adult obstacles.

The money donated will go toward specialized tables and other equipment needed for newborns at the NICU.
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