Family and Friends Remember DUI Victim

Family and Friends Remember DUI Victim

PEORIA - 48 year old Doris King died after being rear ended early Sunday morning.
PEORIA - Family and friends are remembering the female killed in a DUI crash early Sunday morning.

They held a memorial to honor 48 year old Doris King.

King died after the car she was driving was rear-ended by 27 year old Jefferey Steele on Sterling Avenue Sunday morning.

The group put together a makeshift memorial next to where the crash happened.

Spokesperson for the family, John McAfee, said, "We're just gathered here today, just to come in and just have a, starting the healing process for the family right now and just to ask for forgiveness for this young man who allowed this tragic loss to come in to our family like this."

Steele is facing two counts of aggravated DUI.

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