Fan Gets Souvenir from Brad Paisley

Fan Gets Souvenir from Brad Paisley

The country star points out one lucky fan for the gift of a life time.
PEKIN - One fan will definitely be going to next year’s Country Life Music Festival.

Alex Davis got a special souvenir from Brad Paisley: his guitar.

Davis was with her friends and family when Paisley pulled out a sharpie and signed his acoustic guitar. That’s when Davis started screaming, and all of a sudden he points in her direction.

“We don’t know really who he’s point at. He keeps point, and then I start walking, and he’s nodding,” Davis said. “And then I go up to the stage, and I receive the guitar.”

Davis said she got a lot of attention after that. One cab driver offered to give her and her family a ride home for free in exchange for the guitar, but she said she plans to display it in her bedroom.

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