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Fik-Shun Gives Central Illinois a Shout Out

A Central Illinios dancer says thanks to all his fans from Peoria.
PEORIA - A Central Illinois dancer has taken center stage in Hollywood.
18 year old Du-Shaunt Stegall, better known as Fik-Shun, has been competing on “So You Think You Can Dance” for weeks now.
The show features dancers from across the world all competing for $250,000 on the hit dance competition.
Fik-Shun’s dance name stems from his freshman year of high school because his dancing appeared unrealistic.
ik-Shun made it to the top ten this week and he says he wants to thank all of his supporters here in Peoria.

“Thank you so much for watching me for watching my progress from the beginning to now. I want to say that I love you mom. And I want to say shout out to all my step brothers and sisters out there in Peoria and my next door neighbor Denari Ellis, thank you for watching every show and texting me and wishing me a good job. And everybody in Peoria who supports. I'm really happy.”

You can watch Fik-Shun compete Tuesday night at 7:00 on our sister station WYZZ Fox 43. And Saturday producers of the hit show will be in town to shoot footage on Fik-Shun’s central Illinois background. Tune in to Weekend Edition to hear from the proud mother herself.
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