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Fire Departments Get New Radio System

Thanks to a grant, Peoria County fire departments will get a new radio system.

PEORIA – In the age of cell phones, we sometimes take for granted how easy it is for us to communicate.

A grant from the federal government will help Peoria County fire departments talk a little easier too.

Limestone Fire Department was awarded more than one million dollars for a county-wide radio system.

With that money, every fire department in Peoria County will get new radios, which allow them to communicate with one another.

The new radios will also have stronger signals, which means there will no longer be “dead zones.”

The City of Peoria has purchased repeaters, which allow the signal to travel even further.

Division Chief of Operations Ed Olehy says, “It boosts the signal right there at every place where we have these problems. We’ll be able to go into these buildings where we have these communication problems, and this will solve a lot of that problem.”

The Peoria Fire Department hopes to have the new system fully implemented by mid-summer.

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