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Flanagan House Revisits the Past

Brings to life glossed over section of Peoria's history.

It may be the 21st century, but Peoria’s oldest home took a step back in time today.

The Flanagan House met the 1960's, complete with gangsters and props.

Volunteers in costume were on hand to tell the seedier side of Peoria’s history.

From bootlegging, to gambling, and even prostitution... the Historical Society says this side of Peoria’s olden days shouldn't be glossed over.

Linda Herron of the Peoria Historical Society says, “They had it all here. Peoria was known throughout the United States for vice as well as Caterpillar.”

 “Doing something like this, it helps bring it into the mind of some younger people. Hopefully they'll get a taste of it cause they are never gonna see that era again” says actor Bill Homel.

The next event at the Flanagan House, called "Homegrown, Homemade, and Handcrafted" will be April 6th.

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