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Former Georgetown Common Residents Get Ready to Say 'Goodbye"

Families gathered for a makeshift memorial in front of the apartment complex Sunday night.
WASHINGTON - Georgetown Common Apartments in Washington are getting closer to demolition after taking extensive damage in November's tornadoes.

Many residence are saying "goodbye" to the place they once called home.

Families gathered outside the apartment complex Sunday night for a makeshift vigil.

While many of the families say they have moved on, they are still fighting with property management over apartment access.

Many of them have not been allowed to go back and retrieve their possessions.

They hope that before the apartments "go down", they can "go in".

" It helps, in some ways, to move on," said Reynold Mitchell, a former resident. "On the other had, you do get angry because of the way everything went down. Communication could have been better."

Another former resident, Cindy Zimmerman, added, "We weren't here month or years like someone else. Thirty days, and we didn't get our life, years and years, out of there. That is the hard part.">>

Organizers hope to hold another vigil before demolition.

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