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Former Peoria Priest Sexual Abuse Settlement

A press conference will be held Tuesday to discuss the settlement of a former Peoria Priest accused of sexually molesting a child.
The Peoria Catholic Diocese will pay more than a million dollars to settle a lawsuit filed in the mid 1990’s by a man who claims who claims he was molested when he was 8 years old.
According to a story Monday in the New Jersey Star Ledger, the suit claimed former Peoria Bishop John Myers, whose now the archbishop in New Jersey, failed to take action against a now deceased priest who was accused in the lawsuit.
A news conference will be held Tuesday, spelling out details of the settlement.
Myers served as Peoria’s Bishop from 1990-2001.
We reached out to the diocese, they say they don’t discuss settlements because  of confidentiality reasons.
The money will come from the diocese’ insurance coverage.
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