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Friendship House Sees Need for Diapers

Friendship House sees high demand for diapers.
PEORIA -A study from Yale University finds that 30 percent of mothers can't afford to buy diapers, a trend the Peoria Friendship House says is nothing new to them.

The Friendship House gives out diapers for free and says supplies are so low they don’t have sizes for all the babies who need them. When they do have some in stock, staff can only hand out 12 per person.

Operations Coordinator Amanda Dunn said they're a necessity many parents simply can't afford.

"They could be choosing between buying diapers or buying milk or buying food or buying their school supplies or buying clothes for school versus, buying the diapers a lot of times they have to make a choice about what they're going to buy," Dunn said.

The Friendship House is accepting donations at its office on 800 N.E. Madison Avenue in Peoria.
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