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Furloughed Military Technicians Back To Work

Military technicians at the 182nd airlift wing are back to work, but their paychecks may still be in question.
PEORIA COUNTY – We’re in day eight of a partial government shutdown. For the 182nd airlift wing, life is getting somewhat back to normal. Almost all of the 225 military technicians are back to work, but their paychecks may still be in question.

Col. Robbie Robertson said, “Essentially we’re back up at full strength and proceeding with the mission.”

That’s good news for Col. Robertson and more than 200 military technicians at the 182nd airlift wing. They’re resuming their daily duties, he said, “It could be from fixing an aircraft to guarding this base.”

They’re also preparing for an upcoming deployment. “It's one big team going forward so when you take out pieces of a team things begin to slow down and readiness begins to suffer. “

But there are still concerns. According to the “Pay Our Military Act,” Congress is making sure the Armed Forces and Department of Defense civilians are getting paid, regardless of a shutdown.

Col. Robertson said they’re just not sure when that money will come. “Anytime that you're uncertain that you're going to get a paycheck, things get a little tough at home sometimes. But our folks are real troopers they're back at it.”

Col. Robertson said his men and women are rolling with the punches and like thousands of other government employees, they’re waiting for those in charge to decide what’s next. “We're just waiting for guidance to make sure everything is back on track. Totally back on track."

Robertson was not able to say when his group of men and women will be deploying, but without having the technicians back to work their upcoming mission may not be possible.
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