Future of Deserted Tornado-Damaged Homes Revealed

Future of Deserted Tornado-Damaged Homes Revealed

Washington residents get in touch with City before deadline.

WASHINGTON - The City of Washington now has a plan for a majority of the deserted tornado damaged homes in Washington.

Today is the deadline for residents who left their homes after the tornado to report their plans to the city.
At the end of May, fourteen homeowners had not informed the City of their plans for their homes.
Now only one home owner needs to still lay out official plans.
Mayor Gary Manier says he’s happy that nearly everyone has reported to the City and will now work with the remaining owner.

"If you are putting up a brand new structure or rebuilding your house. You don't want a half-damaged structure right across the street from you. You know. So, uh, we're feeling for the people who are rebuilding and we want to make sure we treat them right too,” said Washington Mayor Gary Manier.

Demolition on those 13 vacated properties will begin by the end of the month.
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