Garage Sale Season Begins

Garage Sale Season Begins

One Peoria neighborhood will have plenty to sell this weekend.

PEORIA - You may start to see garage sales begin to pop up this weekend.

May marks the beginning of garage sale season  and there are plenty of places in Central Illinois to search for  hidden treasures.

The home owner at the one we visited in peoria says she holds a couple garage sales every year.

She says they can actually be pretty profitable.

She's made up to $700 in one day.

“It's kind of overwhelming when you look at it all. And then when you start selling it, you like "holy bejesus, how am I going to do all this?" But when you get rid of it. It's always a good feeling,” said garage sale host Michelle Benway.

If you’re on then hunt for garage sales- Hudson Road in Peoria will put on a neighborhood-wide sale tomorrow. 

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