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Gas Prices Dropping in Twin Cities: Experts Say Won’t Last Long

BLOOMINGTON – Drivers say it’s a bargain. compared to costs just one month ago.
Gas prices are plummeting in Bloomington-Normal.

Some stations are nearly 30 cents cheaper compared to Peoria.

Drivers can fill up for as low as $3.13 a gallon.

It's about $3.39 cents in the River City.

According to experts at GasBuddy.com the deep discount isn't expected to last.

Staff members say Bloomington-Normal is a competitive market.

Often, stations will drop prices temporarily to get more customers in which create a ripple effect across the area.

Kelly Dale says the low prices caught his attention.

“I'm afraid it's going to go up in about a half hour, 20 minutes so...I just happened to check GasBuddy and this was the cheapest place, so I’m filling up," said Dale.

GasBuddy experts say prices in general are lower compared to this time last year.

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