Geiger overcomes injury while still displaying power

Geiger overcomes injury while still displaying power

<br>Dustin Geiger broke a bone in his hand in the spring, and still has hit 10 homers with the Chiefs this season.

WMBD/WYZZ-TV STAFF - PEORIA, IL - If you've been down to Chiefs Stadium lately, you've probably seen Dustin Geiger launch balls into the stands on gameday."

"I try and do my job.  Help the team win ball games," said Dustin Geiger, Chiefs Infielder.  "Set back by an injury at the beginning of this year.  Glad I can can come back and start helping team."

"It wasn't just any injury Geiger sustained...he broke a bone in his hand in spring training."

"Came back as fast as possible.  Great staff in Arizona helping me out," said Geiger.  "Getting back it was taking little steps and making sure we can get back to where I am today."

"That's 10 homers in only 40 games. Geiger has seen a power surge after only hitting 3 homers in all of last season."

"Getting a lot of good work in with Barbaro in cage and BP, and carrying over to the game," said Casey Kopitzke, Chiefs Manager.  "Good to see all his hard work before the game, pay off in the game.  His timing is on, he's getting good swings and good pitches to hit and not missing them."

"Feeling really good.  Finished off first half very well," said Geiger.  "Came out in the second a little slow, but we're starting to turn it on."

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