Germantown Hills Zoning Board: "Casey's Site Plan Too Big"

Germantown Hills Zoning Board: "Casey's Site Plan Too Big"

The Germantown Hills Zoning Board denies variance exceptions for a potential Casey's General Store.
GERMANTOWN TOWN - One local community is telling developers that their plan for a gas station is too big for their planned property.

Casey's General Store is looking to build a gas station in Germantown Hills at the corner of Rt. 116 and Woodland Knolls Rd.

But in order to build their desired size of a station, they needed to ask for three property guideline exceptions from the Germantown Hills Zoning Board of Appeals.

Tuesday night, the board denied those three variances.

It says that the plan is just too big for the site and that they shouldn't play favorites when it comes to property variations.

Zoning Board Member Jamie Clark said, "I welcome Casey's coming. We want that here in the community. Unfortunately, they can't do it within the variances that we have, for the lot that they have picked out. If they can make it fit with it, please come."

Casey's says it is unsure if it will continue to pursue that site.

The Village says it hopes Casey's will consider other sites within Germantown Hills.

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