Glen Oak Firework Misfire

Glen Oak Firework Misfire

One family recalls the incident.

PEORIA - Some scary moments at Glen Oak Park last night.

During the park’s annual third of July celebration, one fire misfired during the grand finale, causing injuries to some spectators.

Misty Morefield was filming the grand finale for her son that could not make it last night. Her son William was with her when the firework hit the ground.

“A firework went up very, very high, higher than the other ones, and then just came back down and hit the ground and popped,” William said.

“We left just kind of confused and not really sure if people were hurt,” Misty said. “There were so many people crowding up there. We just couldn’t do anything.”

According to police, paramedics responded to the scene and treated some burns. However, there were no serious injuries.

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