Goodwill Offers Teens Hands-On Job Experience

Goodwill Offers Teens Hands-On Job Experience

Goodwill is offering a week-long program for teens to earn real-world work experience.

PEORIA – High school students in central Illinois are beefing up their resumes this summer.


It’s all part of Goodwill’s “Retail Project.”


The week-long program aims to preparing 14 to 17 year olds for the work force.


Mentors are assigned to each student and teach them different aspects of working at the retail store.


Participants also spend time in the classroom, discussing the marketable skills their sharpening.


Program Director Elizabeth McCombs said, "In that class, we talk about professional development, professional communication, vocation, customer service, and we kind of process what they've seen that day so it gives them a really good opportunity to kind of get to know what it's like to work in the real world."


Mariah Washington is a student taking advantage of the program. She said, "I am most excited to learn more about exactly how to talk to customers because I know in a lot of jobs I do have to talk to people."


This is the second year the Goodwill store has done the Retail Project program.


To register for the project, call Lyndsie at (309) 369-2335.

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