Gun Found In Peoria Airport

Gun Found In Peoria Airport

Custodian discovered the weapon in an unusual place
PEORIA- Peoria International Airport officials say they are investigating the discovery of a small hand gun in the airport.

Airport manager Gene Olson confirms the hand gun was discovered by a custodian in the trash can of a men's restroom Tuesday night. 

The restroom is located before the TSA security checkpoint. 

Olson says officials are trying to determine who brought in the gun.

No one attempted to sneak it past security or use it on anyone. 

"Probably a passenger that forgot they had a firearm," said Olson. "Although that seems hard for me to understand. Probably realized they were in
the airport and weren't going to get it through security."

The Peoria Sheriff's Department, as well as the FBI, are currently investigating the case. 
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