Haircuts for the Homeless

Haircuts for the Homeless

A local barbershop partners with the Salvation Army to get the homeless ready for the job search
Rachael Kaye
Rachael Kaye

PEORIA: Here's one thing many people may take for granted in their job search... a clean shave and a haircut.

But for the homeless here in Peoria, that may be easier said than done.

That's why the Safety Net Shelter and Drop-In Center has partnered with Beyond Comparison Barbershop.

In a monthly first-come first-served event, “Haircuts for the Homeless,” barbers will be donating two hours of their time to help prepare clients for the job and housing search.

Floyd Johnson, a barber at Beyond Comparison Barbershop, has had past clients leave unrecognizable from the way they came in.  He says, “Oh yeah.  Come in long hair, you know, down to their shoulders.  We shave it down, line them up real good.  But yeah, they look completely different a lot of times."

Johnson hopes the homeless will leave with a new look and the confidence they need to present themselves professionally.

The first event will be this coming Monday at Salvation Army.

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