Hand Cyclist Finishes Fifth Steamboat

Hand Cyclist Finishes Fifth Steamboat

PEORIA - This is the first year Sarah Kelly has participated with her hand cycle, as she has used her personal wheelchair in previous years.
PEORIA - You may recognize the name of one Steamboat racer.

That's because last month, we told you a story about how Sarah Kelly's wheelchair was stolen, but then returned, after the man who accidentally took it saw her story right here on WMBD.

Kelly was training for the Steamboat Classic when her wheelchair went missing.

However it's a happy ending for her.

She participated in the race today and finished faster than her goal time.

This was her fifth year for the race, but her first in a new hand cycle.

Kelly said, "This is my first experience in any type of hand cycle, so i really didn't have anything to gauge off of, so you can always build from this experience."

She said she will use this experience for more races.

Kelly plans on participating in a couple more this Summer.

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